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beauty is in the eye of beholder... [entries|friends|calendar]

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my Application [25 Sep 2004|11:08pm]

Hey this is emily im kind of new to the LJ so tell me if im doing this wrong! Name: Emily Birthday/Age: 14 , april 10, 1990 Location: Greensboro NC Sexuality: Female Status:Single Talking to someone Astrological Sign: Aries Ethnicity: caucasin Likes: people who are straight foward n are ttrue to you Dislikes: liars who are 2 faced Fears: clowns! [Your Views On..] Religion: the 1st amendment is freedom of religion, in which you have the freedom to practice any religion u wish even though i dont agree with some of the religions (being christian) i believe that amendment should say everythign for its self & you should be able to express your individuality Abortion: it is cruel for someone to kill their own child or even think about it i think you should have the child & if everyhting doesn end up right give upf or adopption & live with the guilt... Drugs/Alcohol:drugs are TERRIBLE they get you addicted & in a terrblllee habit to try to get rid of!.. drinking isnt nearly as bad but if you are going ot do it BE responsible Body Art: it is a way to express you rindividuality .. i guess! Plastic Surgery:yet another way to express your individuality, even though NATURAL beauty is the overall best. i mean iif god wanted you another wayy then he would have made you that way Highschool Stereotypes: they are horrible even though i know i can accus emyself of doing it too...u dont know how much it can hurt ppl ont he inside even if they jsut smile & bear it Capital Punishment [The death penalty]:i could nnever kill another person maybe jail but death is harshh Statutory Rape Laws [When a girl says yes but she's under the lawful age of consent and has sex with someone over the age of 18]:it is her fault & i dont think that court should have the right to press charges when she is the one who allowed him too.. Favorite Movies:notebook, mean girls, cinderella story Favorite Music:rap, pop, anythignt hats Not all head banging Rock Favorite Color(s:pink, white, light green & blue Favorite Food:pizza, steak chicken & muffins Favorite Drink:mountain dew Or gatorade Favorite Actor/Actress:chad michael murray, jennifer aniston What is something unique about yourself: i have a very unique attitude & confidence about my self Tell us something funny:this summer i went to the beach with 6 of my closet friends well we were walking ont he beach @ 1 int he morning ( 2 miles from our beach house) & i had to use the bathroom REALLYY bad (me & my best friend) weelll we had this bright idea since it was pitch black to [pee in the ocean.. so luckily i had on a skirt so i went to use the bathroom & i looked down & there was a jelly fish right below me.. i ran like crazzy down the beach w. my skirt pulled up!

attach at least 1 good picture of you:

i dont know how to add pics but you can go to my pic page @
or www.picturetrail.com/enh4976

my LJ username is Enh4976



[29 Aug 2004|01:00pm]
[ mood | amused ]

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[29 Aug 2004|01:31pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

HEY! i'm emily and im your mod. your other mod is the hot LEX!

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[29 Aug 2004|01:28pm]


I'm lex and i'm one of your mods. Gorgeous Emily is your other mod, woohoo. We need applications so fill it out.
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