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Name: Shanna Lea
Birthday/Age: January 20th, 1987
Sexuality: Straight
Astrological Sign:Aquarius
Ethnicity: Irish
Likes: Music, Art, Poetry, Books, Writing, Drumming, Shoes
Dislikes: people
Fears:death, love

[Your Views On..]
Religion:I'm not religious, but I dont care if you are
Abortion: It's up to the person, I would rather see mor abortions and less poverty, than a ban on abortions and higher taxes due to an abundance of orphanages
Drugs/Alcohol: Its up to you
Body Art: Is alright
Plastic Surgery:Looks painful
Highschool Stereotypes: Will always exist
Capital Punishment [The death penalty]:Some people deserve it, but living in prison is probably worse
Statutory Rape Laws [When a girl says yes but she's under the lawful age of consent and has sex with someone over the age of 18]: totally lame, it was consentual.

Favorite Movies: Pulp Fiction, Wonderland, Suicide Club
Favorite Music: Hardcore like Combat Wounded Vetrans, Melodramatic Emo like Azure Ray and Bright eyes, Upbeat Spin, like !!! and The Vertebreakers, and OldSchool rap, like Bone Thugs And Harmony.
Favorite Color(s: Green, Grey and Pale Pink
Favorite Food: Granola With Vanilla Yogurt
Favorite Drink:Alcoholic: Banana Daquri, Non-Alcoholic: Cherry Soda
Favorite Actor/Actress: Actor: Johnny Depp, Actress: Angelina Jolie

What is something unique about yourself: I Rule. Actually I do, I love art,

Tell us something funny: Uh. I was at work yesterday and a old guy came up to me and was like "WOW! Are those your real eyes? WOW! Are you wearing Fake Eyelashes? WOW Those are Amazing. You Should be a Mascara Model!! God DAMN!" I thought It was funny, because I've never heard anyone be that enthusiastic about Macara and Eyes.

attach at least 3 good pictures of you:

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